A Lucky Summer for a Lifetime

 It was the time when butterflies and flowers danced in the warm sun of September in the island of Siargao and locals, especially foreigners, took advantage to unwind escaping the pressures of the city. On this island, I lived with my Uncle Lionel Rose and Auntie Jacquelyn Wilson.

Growing up in this place, I am just a simple girl living my life the way locals live theirs. I thought my life is just as beautiful as I claim it to be, until I met David Wathen Birchenall. If ‘perfect’ is too much to describe what I felt for him whenever we are together, then look for another word closest to it. That’s what I feel.

David was introduced to me by my Uncle Lionel who happens to be acquainted with him. That’s the time when we first met, and we then got along well. With his Australian charm I can’t help falling for him. We dine out most of the time and spent the rest of his He was the first one to generate a tribal bricks and mortar online casino two decades ago as well as the first to produce a web-based tribal online casino in Canada as well as the U . days here in the Philippines strolling around the island. I introduced him around and he was accepted warmly especially by my family. When we were together we talked a lot online casino of things and as days went by, we were inseparable.

But things weren’t the same as it should be when David needed to go back to Australia. My October without him in the island is as dull as the pain of missing him kept gnawing inside of me. This was also what he felt, so he decided to invite me there and be with him and his family for a couple of months.

This is when I discovered Bigstart Travel and Visa Assistance when I was staying at the nearest hotel in Cebu City. I was looking for an affordable visa agency to see my needs of going to Australia. Bigstart was ready and was willing to help me on the process without getting too much fees on me. On my search for agencies, Bigstart had, and still is, has the cheapest rate of professional or assistance fee compare to the other agencies in the city. They made sure that I have the right documents and that they assessed me as if that will be my final assessment, thus reached the goal of my visa being granted.

David and I were very happy for being together in Australia twice. We are looking forward for making it to permanency, in God’s time. Well, with Bigstart on our side, we know that we can have it eventually.

Readers might think that I was being paid by doing this testimony just to recommend or maybe advertise Bigstart, but what can I really help for an agency which is firmly honorable with what they do and what they think will be the best for their clients?

You can as well see for yourself. And realize that what I was saying all along is true.


               -Sarah G. Estoconing

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