Application For Canada’s Super Visa

Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Super Visa comes into full effect. Eligible applicants may now lodge their visa requests and expect it to be processed within eight (8) weeks. In addition, it will allow them to remain for a maximum of two (2) years.

However, it should be noted that the visa is not a gateway to permanent residency or citizenship. It has similar functions with the Canadian temporary resident visa except that it enables an individual to stay longer.

Basic requirements

To be eligible for the Super Visa, applicants should readily demonstrate the following:

  • Strong ties in the Philippines
  • True travel intention
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources from the Canadian family member
  • Economic and political situation of the applicant’s home country
  • Letter of invitation
  • Accomplished medical exam
  • Written financial support provided by family members in Canada
  • Medical insurance

Financial requirement

There is the so-called “Low Income Cut-Off” (LICO) that Canadian sponsors should meet. This is determined by the size of the family, the basic amount needed to support the whole unit Although the full breadth of knowledge has not yet been revealed, the online best casino operator, which counts the Landmark Macau Hotel, the Pharaoh&#8217s Structure Casino, and also the Macau Fisherman&#8217s Wharf complex among its assets, is thinking of getting the 2nd quarter of the season when ever the shares purchase could begin. and the additional amount required to sponsor a visitor. Estimates and computations can be accessed via the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website. 

Petitioning other dependents

For emphasis, the Super Visa is exclusively issued to parents and grandparents. Other dependents of these individuals are not eligible for the said visa. 

Visa extension and renewal

If the parent or grandparent is already holding a valid Canadian visa, they may file for a visa extension.  But for those who have been issued with the Super Visa, they need to exit Canada after two (2) years. They need to renew their visa inside the Philippines.

A single-entry Super Visa can be also applied. Parents and grandparents who have applied for a petition may also cancel their application should they wish to avail the Super Visa.


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