Australia: Longer Working Hours For International Students

Financial-related issues shall no longer bother Australian student visa holders and their dependents as Australia plans to implement more flexible working conditions in 2012.The said change is based on the recommendations of Hon. Michael Knight who was assigned to review the policies and protocols that govern the issuance of student visas.

Policy changes and expectations

Except for those who are taking their Master and Doctorate degrees, majority of international students can only work for twenty (20) hours a week. They may only work on a full-time basis during semestral breaks. The same policy is observed when it comes to their petitioned dependents.But under the new system, Australian student visa holders are now permitted to work for forty (40) hours per fourteen (14) days. In the meantime, Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students shall enjoy unlimited working hours once their course commences. Dependents shall also enjoy a similar privilege.

The amendment expects to open more avenues for students to better respond to their employer’s demands without breaching their work conditions. Likewise, the Australian government perceives such move to be very beneficial to Australian employers as well.

Yet, as mentioned, the policy change shall come only come into full effect next year. International students who are currently applying for a student visa still need to observe the 20-hour work rule.

Applying for a student visa

When requesting for an Australian student visa in casino online the Philippines, applicants must first secure their enrollment or acceptance in their chosen academic institution.

They also need to pass their language proficiency exam which can be taken from any of the following testing centers:

  • OET
  • PTE
  • CAE

While it is true that the student visa now provides employment opportunities for the applicant and its dependents, not to mention the fact that it is a lot easier to acquire compared to the Australian working visa, the student route should not be used as an excuse for easy entry. Always remember that consular officers are very keen in identifying the applicant’s true travel intention and denial possibilities are very much possible.


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