Australia: Shorter Visa Processing For International Students

The first half of 2012 spells good news to international students in Australia. With the introduction of its streamlined processing, Australian student visas are expected to be released on a much faster pace.

The program aims to reduce the students’ waiting times and promote Australia’s academic sector. Streamline processing explained Under the said scheme, qualified students shall receive a Confirmation of Employment (CoE) from participating academic institutions. Once issued, the student, regardless of his or her country of origin shall be treated as low risk visitors. This therefore reduces the volume of documentary evidence that they must present to consular officers. Such move is expected to increase the number of Australian student visas issued. But despite of the seemingly lenient provision, the Australian government ensures that the program will not be abused by potential illegal immigrants.

To do this, international students are still required to present evidence of sufficient funds. They must also pass the Genuine Temporary Entrant condition and the language exam. Moreover, they must duly demonstrate that they do not posit health risks to Australia. Eligible students The streamlined processing is solely available to students who are enrolled in the following programs: Bachelor degrees Those who are atoledo under the 2 plus 2 or 3 mobile casino plus 1 programs made for partner universities Masters degrees by coursework and research Doctorate degrees English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) as well as those who under Vocational Education and Training (VET) Exchange students or those who will be enrolling in courses that are part of their degree programs In order to maximize the benefits of streamlined processing, the Australian government coordinates with all academic institution for the necessary arrangements. The introduction of the streamline process is Australia’s response to Hon. Michael Knight’s Strategic Review of the Student Visa Program.

Source: “The University Sector Streamlined Visa Processing” (2011). Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Retrieved 14 December 2011 from <>

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