Australia: Strengthening through migration

Australia”s settlement services are the backbone our of migration program and designed to support new migrants and refugees settle in the community, the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Senator Kate Lundy, said today at the launch of a new settlement publication in Canberra.

“I am delighted to launch The Settlement Journey: Strengthening Australia through migration, which outlines the government”s settlement policy and suite of services available to help new migrants build a new life in Australia,” Senator Lundy said.

“The Australian Government”s settlement policy is calibrated to capitalise on the economic, social, and humanitarian benefits of migration so that new migrants can flourish and Australia can horoscope for gemini subjects are charming. prosper.

“Australia”s settlement services aim to address the needs of new arrivals to help them develop the knowledge and skills they need to become full participants in Australian society.”

Senator Lundy said the settlement journey was a shared experience for many Australians and the new publication highlighted the importance of government and settlement casino online services working effectively together to strengthen settlement outcomes.

“Australia”s settlement policy is an important element of the government”s vision of a socially inclusive society in which all Australians are valued and have the opportunity to participate fully,” Senator Lundy said.

“Migrants and refugees contribute to Australia”s prosperity and success through their ingenuity, drive and determination and our settlement services are an investment in Australia”s future.”

The new settlement publication outlines key principles such as providing support based on needs and maximising opportunities for new arrivals and will be distributed to libraries, migrant resource centres, councils and other community organisations.

Further information about the publication is available on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.
See: Settlement Publications

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