AUSTRALIA: Travelling without Visa Label

Australian authorities do not require a visa label in your passport to travel to, or enter or remain in Australia.
All Australia bound international commercial airlines and cruise ships are required to verify with Australian authorities that you have an Australian visa before you travel to Australia. Information on your visa status and entitlements is available on the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system.
When you are in Australia you can access this information at any time using the VEVO system. Employers, banks and government services can also check details about your visa entitlements once they have your consent to do so.
VEVO is a free online facility that allows visa holders and organisations to see details of You are entitled to one free report annually. current visas.
Organisations will only be able to see certain information relating to your status and entitlements.  You as the visa holder are provided with more detailed information including:
  • class and subclass of your visa
  • grant and expiry dates
  • grant number
  • entries allowed
  • all conditions that apply to your visa.
Foreign governments are aware that Australia does not require a visa label.
You should check with the relevant government authorities regarding requirements to show a visa label in your passport when you transit through or exit a country. The Australian Government cannot advise on other countries’ requirements. A visa label is not required by the Australian immigration authority. Work, study and residence entitlements of visa holders can be verified online using VEVO. With your consent, the enquiring organisation can use VEVO to check your visa status and entitlements.
Keep a copy of your grant letter with your passport when you travel, this letter contains all the important information about your visa.
Other things to keep in mind include:
  • Australian authorities do not require you to have a visa label in your passport.
  • Confirm requirements for visa labels with relevant authorities if you are transiting through or exiting a country.
  • Once in Australia you can check your visa information online using VEVO.
  • Employers, schools, banks and other organisations can check your entitlements online with your consent using VEVO.

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