Australia:Review of the Application of the Migration Act to Offshore Resource Workers Purpose

The Migration Maritime Taskforce has been established to explore how best to apply the Migration Act 1958 to resource project workers in Australian waters. The key objectives of the review are to:

  • ensure that the right to work in the offshore resources industry by people who are not Australian citizens, is, to the maximum extent permitted by Australia’s international Effects on body weight might depend on the specific type of dietary . obligations, regulated consistently in all areas online casino over which  Australia has online casino jurisdiction
  • create legislative certainty in order to promote continuing investment in the offshore resources industry
  • promote opportunities for Australians to work on Australian resources
  • protect the rights of workers in the offshore resources industry
  • maintain the integrity in existing, interrelated border legislation.

The Review is expected to conclude by the end 2012, following which the government will consider necessary legislative and regulatory changes.

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