US Embassy Manila cautions against Diversity Visa scams

The U.S. Embassy in Manila reminds Filipino citizens and Philippine residents to use caution when working with private entities to apply for visas to the United States, as reports of fraudulent e-mails, websites, and print advertisements offering visa services are on the rise.

In particular, one widespread Diversity Visa (DV) scam e-mail instructs recipients to send money via Western Union to a fictitious person at the U.S. Embassy in London. If you have received this e-mail, you have been targeted by con artists. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should money be sent to any address for participation in the DV Lottery. The Department of State”s Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) does not send e-mail notification to DV entrants Clearly Money which credit card is best comes with a liability to pay and ‘ordinary’ money does not. informing them of their winning entries. DV-2012 applicants will never receive correspondence containing information on an applicant”s status, but casino will only receive notification directing them to check their status on the official website. The Le logiciel de notre casino en ligne vous offre plus de 480 jeux de casino ultramodernes style Las Vegas. only official way to receive status updates is through the DV program website at

Many private websites offer legitimate services to assist individuals in applying for visas, but some illegitimate entities claim to provide “visa services” as a cover for scams or identity theft. Some of these websites may attempt to charge a fee for providing forms and information about immigration procedures that are available to the public at no charge on the Department of State ( and websites, or through the U.S. Embassy Manila website at

More information can be read here.

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