Recognition of Prior Learning



What is RPL?
* Is a process that enables you to receive part of, or a full qualification to recognize the skills and knowledge you already have.
* This incorporates skills you have learnt in a workplace or in life situations. It also takes into consideration previous study or qualifications and any demonstrated ability in a variety of skill sets (as appropriate to the qualification being sought). For example you may work in a job where you manage Workplace Health and Safety but haven’t had any formal training. We can recognize your skills through RPL, with the appropriate evidence being provided and you won’t have to go to any other training provider to learn things you already know and do. Applying for RPL does mean some work on your part, but we are here to coach you through it.

“We’ll get you a certificate based on your experience.”

Courses / certificates

* Accounting
* Management (Human Resources)
* Marketing
* Leadership and Management
* Customer Engagement
* Quality Auditing
* Program Management
* Project Management
* Ageing Support
* Early Chilhood Education & Care
* Community Services
* Training & Assessment
* Vocational Eduacation Training
* Training Design & Development
* Work Health & Safety
* Security and Risk Management
* Painting and Decorating
* Wall and Floor Tiling
* Carpentry
* Hospitality
* Commercial Cookery
* Patisserie
* Information Technology

Bigstart Travel and Visa Assistance Services & Australian Institute of Education and Innovation is dedicated to ensure quality training and an unprecedented level of flexibility. Our team of experienced and talented trainers will provide the training your workforce needs to improve the quality of work, communication and management within the organisation. We carry out a range of training courses for professionals to satisfy different types of training obligations, including government requirements for sponsorship under the temporary visa subclass 457.

Through the RPL process, you can obtain qualifications you need for career development and growth!