Australia – Student Visa Granted


“It has been my dream to start my own business but I wanted to equip myself with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for this new endeavor so I planned to further my studies abroad. When I learned about Student visas through Bigstart from my partner; Von, who attended an Orientation at St. Mark’s Hotel, I wasted no time in inquiring about it. Upon getting information about Australia’s student visas, I was attracted to it and immediately applied for it. Australia’s weather and the school’s location appealed to me and I am grateful that everything worked as planned. I am very thankful to my partner (Von), who always believe in me and pushed me to pursue my dreams. I am glad that I trusted Bigstart Travel and Visa Assistance in helping me reach my dream to study abroad because they did not fail me. Bigstart has proven that they are a reliable and trusted agency and not after the money of clients. They are like a family who will do the best they can to help me fulfill my dream of studying in Australia. With Bigstart, you can never go wrong!”

– Rhea See

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