Australia: Visa Granted – Miss Jennifer


VISA GRANTED – Congratulations Graeme & Jennifer Hanisch !!!!!

This letter is provided as a Testimonial for BIGSTART Travel & Visa Assistance.

In applying for an entry visa to Australia for Jennifer we first assessed the viability of doing so ourselves. After due consideration we decided to engage an agent. We had concluded that this was more cost effective and would reduce the time waiting for the visa and we would not be tied into the slowness of the bureaucracy. Our next step was to find an agent.

As we were in Dipolog we first looked there; however for various reasons we decided to look outside of Dipolog. After a search of the internet we found BIGSTART Travel & Visa Assistance –Dumaguete City Branch and after reviewing the comments of previous clients we decided that we would take the ferry to Dumaguete City to discuss the viability of BIGSTART acting on our behalf.

This was a wise decision as BIGSTART guided us through the bureaucratic nightmare of obtaining and providing for the Australian Embassy all the relevant documents and proof of identity. BIGSTART completed the application and we received the visa in less than half the time it would have taken us to so ourselves. By using BIGSTART we did not get misunderstandings due to language barrier and the expertise and previous contact with, and the knowledge of, the Australian Embassy by BIGSTART enabled the process to proceed to a smooth outcome.

Jennifer and I would like to personally thank Jade Rodriguez for her dedication and good work on our behalf. Jade did an excellent job. Because of Jade’s excellent work Jennifer and I are now happily married living in Australia.

Yours truly,

Graeme and Jennifer Hanisch

AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 VISA ASSISTANCE @Bigstart Travel and Visa Assistance Services

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