I have received my first gift for my 27th birthday. A Tourist Visa to visit Australia. This would not have been possible without the help of Bigstart. I would like to give credit to the staff at Bigstart, especially to Ms Teresa Villafuerte at Insular Square, Mandaue for processing my Tourist Visa. They were very accommodating from the start until the end of this process. I will unquestionably recommend this travel agency to whoever is looking to travel. This is my second time visiting outside of the country. I know it will be unforgettable celebrating my birthday together with my family in Australia. It is indeed commendable to share with my friends, colleagues and relatives the treasure of feeling blessed with having met this very hospitable agency. I feel privileged with the outcome of my venture to get an approval for my Tourist Visa. The first two attempts were unsuccessful but having using Bigstart agency, my third attempt has been granted.
I am extremely grateful for all the work Bigstart has done for me.

Thankyou Bigstart

Kind Regards,

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