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Schengen Visa, specifically, the Visitors Visa, is obtained by travelers or visitors who want to pay a visit to their friends or close relatives who are already permanents residents of a particular Schengen territory. One of its major requirements is the declaration of commitment.

When applying for a Schengen Visa, the declaration of commitment is very important. The declaration of commitment is provided by the sponsor.  According to this declaration, the sponsor shall shoulder all expenses of the applicant of the foreign country. The sponsor may even pledge for the guest’s accommodation, this particular document will guarantee that the foreign visitor will not seek support from public funds during his/her stay in  a Schengen territory.

This is also similar to Australian visitor visa and US tourist visa applications that guests should shoulder all of their finances. In the Schengen visas, however, sponsors can fulfill this obligation. The obligation of demonstrating sufficient monetary support is handed down to the sponsor and it is his/her declaration of commitment can suffice if “show money” concerns have been preventing your from obtaining a Schengen visa. Take note that casino the declaration of commitment of the sponsor is not exclusive to family members. Friends or even partners (boyfiriend, girlfriend, fiancé, fiancée) may obtain this paper to facilitate the visa application.

Declaration of commitment And Invitation Letter

Declaration of commitment And Invitation LetterIt is always misunderstood that the declaration of commitment is the invitation letter. But it is not. The two are different in the sense that the visa application can stand without the invitation letter but not without the declaration of commitment.

During the visa application, the declaration of commitment is given more weight than the invitation letter. When one submits a declaration of commitment, the sponsor is basically making a commitment or a covenant to his/her government. Their names are on the agreement making .them liable for the actions of their guests. If their guests violate any of their visa’s obligation, the sponsor shall be penalized as well.

On the other hand, the invitation letter is the basic letter which explains or details the visitor’s trips itinerary and the reason for entering a Schengen territory. The application may be granted without the letter of invitation.

Declaration of Commitment from someone you have not met

Unfortunately, you cannot use the said document. You need to prove that your relationship to your sponsor is genuine and authentic. E-mails and chat messages are given little attention. It is only proven to be true if the couple has seen each other personally.

Sure approval?

When you acquire declaration of commitment, it surely strengthens your application but it cannot assure visa approval. Consular officers do consider other factors aside from having enough financial means to support your stay in the foreign country. For instance, if you fail to demonstrate your strong ties in the Philippines, or if you miss a certain requirement for the visa application, then your application can be denied. Declaration of commitment is just a part of the whole visa application. Thus, approval s not based solely in this document.



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